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An Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Strains

Growing cannabis is a fun activity and rewarding experience as well. The legalization of CBD

and increased demand for cannabis products has revolutionized this industry. There’s no

exception that the cannabis business is going to be more profitable in the near future. Whether you are a regular cannabis user or simply interested in cultivating different cannabis strains for a knowledgeable experience, it is essential to get familiar with different cannabis strains and their individual effects.

Cannabis is a tall plant, which has glandular hair and serrated leaves. It helps in the production of drugs and hemp fiber. Cannabis with dried-up leaves is called Marijuana which has a psychoactive effect because of the presence of a higher amount of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it. The other compound in Cannabis is (CBD) which is not mind-altering and intoxicating, unlike its cousin THC.

Flowering Marijuana
Tall Flowering Cannabis

Cannabis Strains

The Cannabis plant is classified into different strains including pure and hybrid according to their effects. The medical marijuana community consists of three types; Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. These types of Marijuana are exclusively used in the preparation of medicines. Though there is a fourth type called Ruderalis which also belongs to the medical marijuana community, it is not given much importance in the field of medicine because it has the least effect on humans.

Indica Strains:

Cannabis Indica belongs to the Cannabaceae family. It grows faster than Sativa, usually in two months because of monsoon weather. Indica strains have strong flavors and a sweet aroma. Cannabis Indica is an annual plant and is used for several treatments. People with mild or severe sleeping disorders find Indica strains very helpful. These strains are also used to help with certain medical conditions including:

● Migraine

● Nausea

● Muscle spasms

● Headache

● Stress and Seizures

Intake Time

Cannabis Indica is usually taken at night time to help fight insomnia or for the sake of relaxation.

Sativa Strains:

Cannabis Sativa also belongs to the family of Cannabaceae. It is a tall plant with narrow leaves that grows slower than Cannabis Indica. Its different parts are cultivated in different ways, however, it can also be grown outside the house. There are various uses of Sativa strains:

● It is used in the production of medicines.

● Instead of its services in the world of medicine, it has been used for centuries for spiritual

moods and recreation.

● It is also a source of food, industrial fiber, and seed oil.

Intake Time

Cannabis Sativa strains are perfect for daytime use because of their uplifting and energetic


Hybrid Strains:

Hybrid cannabis is a combination of Indica and Sativa strains. It could be Indica dominant or

Sativa dominant. Indica dominant hybrid strains are tall while Sativa dominant hybrid strains are small in size. Which strain will dominate the hybrid depends upon the breeder during the

breeding of Hybrid strains. If he induces more Indica while breeding, that Hybrid strain would be useful for relaxing. In the same way, if the breeder induces more Sativa while breeding, then that Hybrid strain would be useful for uplifting purposes. This type of marijuana is used for the production of medicines.

Intake Time

Since hybrid strains include the qualities of both Indica and Sativa, they can be taken at any

time of the day. It all depends upon the ratio of Indica and Sativa in hybrid cannabis strains.

Instructions for Growers

From the above discussion, it might be clear to you how much time these strains would take for growth. Sometimes if you feel hesitant in growing these Cannabis strains, you should know that once you grow them, they will pay you off. The only thing that matters is to use the best quality Marijuana clones if you want to grow any of these types of Marijuana. To access Shop 420 Clones is the best place to get premium quality Marijuana clones for your cannabis business of personal use.

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